Club Log World QSL archive:
Dear Club Log users,
I am delighted to announce the World QSL archive project.
This project aims to create the Largest Digital Archive of scanned paper QSL cards in existence. We are grateful to Nigel, G3TXF for making his collection of 500, 000+ cards available and for tirelessly scanning the cards for the project [We are close to the 100,000 mark!]
However, we need your help. We need to tag these cards to the sender's callsign and the corresponding QSOs. We have come up with an original way of doing this which can also be fun. We call this crowd-tagging. Our beta testing team of 8 people has already  tagged 14,000+ cards [Many thanks guys]. 
If you are interested in helping out please do the following:
1) Visit the tagging page: https://secure.clublog.org/ qslarchive/index.php AND WATCH THE VIDEO [also available by clicking the HELP button on the bottom LEFT side of the screen]
2) Join the special forum to discuss cards/problems/bugs: https:// groups.google.com/forum/#! forum/club-log-world-qsl- archive
3) USE a modern browser such as GOOGLE CHROME.
Thanks in advance for your help and many thanks to our betatesters: [G3TXF, WL7E, EI7CC, G3PSM, G0PPQ, HK3W, 5B4ZN]
Tag away!
Marios, 5B4WN/G0WWW
Club Log Developer 

6 May 2007
Announcing Self-QSL (the new way of requesting paper QSL cards). 

01 December 2006
  • New version of Win-test2livescore integration released. Get it here
[More contests supported/ DXCC/Zone implemented]