Request your own Paper QSL
All QSL requests (Buro and Direct) now should go via Club Log OQRS
For 5B4WN click here

For C4W click here

All contacts will be confirmed via LOTW.
Please save paper and dont QSL via the Buro but use the service above

Help with self-QSL
Q: What is self-QSL?
A: This is a "?new" principle where you request your own paper QSL card on-line.
Q: How does it work?
A: Use the form above to enter your call. The qsl-robot will search my Logbook and list a number of QSOs with you call. The year, band and mode will also be shown. Once you have decided which QSO you would like a QSL for, click on "RequestQSL" link and fill in the date and time for that QSO. If there is 100% match for both, this QSO will be flagged and a QSL card printed and sent to you via the Bureau.
Q: How often do you send QSL cards?
 A: I will print and mail QSL cards to bureaus several times a year!
Q: I cant find a specific QSO with you. What can I do?
A: This means that you are probably not in log (sorry!). If you really want to enquire further, use my email address at the bottom of the page.
Q:  Should I send you my QSL card via the bureau anyway?
 A: Please DONT! Save paper, postage and bureau time by using self-QSL to request your paper confirmation card.