How to convert SEC-1223 from 240V to 110V
If like me you have an SEC-1223 which is wired for 240V and you need to convert it to 110V for an expedition etc conversion is NOT just the flick of a switch!
I spend several hours searching the web for instructions and the only instructions that are correct are provided below. However, proceed at your own risk!

For SEC-1223CE  [From the manufacturer]

·      Unplug the power supply from the AC outlet

·      Remove the top cover

·      There are two vertical male pin connectors at points “C” and “E” on the printed circuit board (PCB). A brown / black wire from the input filter choke is connected to the vertical male pin connector at point “C” through a female quick connect. For operation at 120 VAC, points “C” and “E” are required to be connected (shorted). This may be done by using a short piece of  # AWG 18 insulated jumper wire. Solder one end of this jumper wire to the brown / black wire connected to vertical male pin connector at point “C” and solder the other end of this jumper wire to the vertical male pin connector at point “E”. Insulate the soldered points with insulation tape.

·      A fuse has been provided on the AC side. For 230 VAC operation, the fuse is rated at 250 V, 4A, with time delayed operation. For 120 VAC operation, the 4 A fuse has to be replaced with a 6.3 A fuse. The specifications of the 6.3 A fuse are as follows;


Voltage                          250 V

Current                          6.3 A

Type                             Glass body, time delayed operation

Dimensions                    5mm X 20 mm

Example                                    Manufacturer:  Littelfuse             Model: 21806.3