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Full credit to Jorgen OZ0J for creating the xdt file from NG3K.com

Announcing Version 2 Wt Score


  •  Following popular demand I have rewritten the Win-test to getScores conduit.
  • Latest version 2.0.5 here
  • Older version 2.0.4 here


    • Version 2.0.5 attempts to correct issues with band multipliers. let me know if this works. (TNX IK2JUB for debugging)
    • Version 2.0.4 corrects minor small bugs (TNX DK9TN) 
    • Version 2.0.3 corrects the issues below again! Also attempts to submit mult types and modes correctly (TNX IK2JUB and DL6RAI)
    • Version 2.0.1beta corrects issues with international versions of windows (TNX IK2JUB).
  • Please note that by downloading this software you agree that 5B4WN is NOT responsible for any data loss as a result of using the software.
  • Unzip the enclosed files anywhere and run wtScore.exe. Unblock any windows or other firewall if they popup.


  • Note that all configuration (dxcc, state, Call, Categories, ethernet ports etc) is  done in Win-test except Single Op Single band stations need to define this in WT Score
  • Ensure that Time distribution within win-test is enabled as is ethernet , and that Score broadcast is enabled on the network:



Unfortunately as I have lost the source code for this software in a hard drive crash, the software below is no longer supported and will not work with getscores. It is still available to download for historic reasons.

Q: What is it?
A: This is a program to send the Qso/Mult summary data from win-test to W1VE's livescore website
Q: Where do I download the file from?
Latest version
V0.97 (8_12_2008) available here. Fix for ARRL 160M
V0.96 (22_8_2008) available here (224Kb). Fix for NAQP
V0.95 (30_05_2008) available here (224kb). Fix for mults for WPX and RDXC 
You need WT V3.7.0 or higher
Other Previous version  V0.8 here V0.5 (1_12_06) available here and  V0.3a also here
Q: What data is sent over?
A: Your callsign, zone, locator, contest, score as well as breakdown of your qsos, multipliers by band and mode. A sample of data submitted can be seen here.
Q: What data is NOT sent over?
A: The IARUzone and  the dxcc are not yet implemented as this information is not available on the network
Q: How do I use it?
A:  Follow the steps below:
  • Firstly, download the installer as outlined above
  • Run win-test ensuring that you enter all the correct contest/category information
  • CQzone/ITUzone/DXCC prefix etc
  • Tick enable time distribution across the network
  • Go to Options->configure interfaces and ensure that the ethernet network is enabled and note the defaulted boradcast address  and port number. You will need both to configure in the wt2livescore software

  • Start the wt2livescore program
  • In the WinTest config tab, enter the broadcast address and port number as identified before (if it was correctly set-up in WT before then it should be automatically inserted there for you)
  • Click open network. That's it! You are now submitting your score to W1VE's website
  • To adjust the frequency of your transmission, right click on WT's Summary window (ALT-S) and ensure that Broadcasting on the network is enabled. You can choose how often you want to send your score by configuring the periodicity eg 10 means send score every 10 minutes
Q: What are all the tabs for?
  • The leaderboard allows you to browse the current leaderboard, like you would with a browser.
  • The Win-test configure window allows you to configure wt2livescore (see FAQ above). It also displays the last submitted score and the response from the server. NB When the network is closed ("CLOSE NETWORK" button) NO SCORE is transmitted!

  • The debug tab, shows the xml string that has been transmitted to the server as well as any activity on the WT network that can enable easier debugging

Q: I minimised the window...... and it disappeared! Where has it gone?
A:  It's become an icon in the notification area of task-bar (bottom right for most users). If it's red then no scores are posted, if it's green then all should be OK. You can enable/disable scoring by right clicking on the icon. If you double click on this icon then the default window should appear again!
Q: Who is behind this?
A:  Marios 5B4WN has written most of the software (with the help of F6FVY and F5MZN). W1VE has written all the web software
Q: How do I report a bug?
A: See the address at the bottom of this page
Q: Is this software free?
A: Yes!
Q: Is the source code available?
A: Yes, currently by request, under GNU Public General Licence (GPL)

  • This is a simple program that senses a frequency change from the station, automatically sends the frequency to the SteppIR via separate serial port to start tuning and additionally takes the DTR line HIGH until the motors in the SteppIR stop moving. You could wire this to a relay which can disconnect the AMP key line during tuning
  • A simple schematic is available below:
  • How to make it work?
  • Provided that you agree that if you use this software, it will be at your OWN risk and any damage to your equipment as a consequence of its use is your sole responsibility then proceed:
  • Download the installer from here
  • Run installer and run WT2SteppIRXXX.exe
  • Ensure that you have the correct network configuration as described here
  • Ensure that the SteppIR is NOT in transceiver mode but in SteppIR mode (see below) and the jumpers are NOT configured for tranceiver mode (read the SteppIR manual). Ensure that you configure the baud rate on the StepIR controller to 19200,N,8,1
  • Ensure that each station on your network has a unique station ID eg STN1
  • Choose an available free serial port (this is a separate port NOT configured via Win-test). Note that the Y-cable interface hack used by most software will NOT work with this program
  • Press connect, after about 10s or within 1-2s of change of frequency the SteppIR controller should start tuning automagically!
  • Known issues:
    • 1.5-2s delay before the PTT inhibit switches ON
  • Is this software freeware?
  • Yes.
  • My controller does NOT have a SteppIR mode and I cant get it to work!
  • You have an older firmware which is unfortunately NOT supported. Paul, G6PZ was able to rectify this problem by upgrading the firmware.
  • I found a bug. What next?
  • Email 5B4WN at the address at the bottom of the page
  • Who is behind this?
  • The idea arose during CQWW SSB 2006 at G5W. A few days later came v0.1. I am grateful to G3BJ for thoroughly debugging this.